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Summer Breathwork & Yoga Retreat

July 6 to 12, 2024. Feel your feelings, celebrate the 'Rainbow of Life'! Breathwork & Yoga Retreat in the heart of green Italy.

Summer Breathwork & Yoga Retreat
Summer Breathwork & Yoga Retreat

Time & Location

06 Jul 2024, 17:00 – 12 Jul 2024, 14:00

Tara Nature Retreat, Vocabolo I Fossi, 20, 06059 Todi PG, Italy

About the Retreat

- Meet the facilitators: Instagram Live

In this week-long retreat, we enjoy the  very best of Italian living and take a break in nature to relax, unwind, and reconnect to our breath and all that is within.

The setting is Tara Nature Retreat – a hill-top Italian villa, immersed in an oak forest, with all the comforts of home and the peace of nature. It is filled with pleasant shade, swinging hammocks, a large, 15 metre swimming pool, and various walks to a cool river, a roman bridge or an Italian hamlet atop of the valley. The  local, organic food will be served to cleanse the body and support healthy eating habits. The centre is far from any noise sources, yet less than 2 hours from Rome, and easily accessible by car, train, or plane.

Our cool summer mornings begin with our group breathwork session. A bountiful brunch  awaits afterwards. Your afternoon is free and you may want to  enjoy a siesta, walks in nature, reading in the hammock, swimming in the pool, connect with other participants or simply enjoy time by yourself. We meet again at 4 PM for some gentle & restorative yoga, followed by an optional workshop. After dinner optional group activities – such as singing around the summer fire, ecstatic dance or relaxation (Nidra) yoga - can be joined.

Yoga is for all levels. No experience with breathwork nor yoga required - all levels welcome. Are you a veteran in yoga or breathwork?  Then come and receive new insights on your personal practice.

By the end of this retreat, will be able to:

- Use your breath to connect to your intuition, instincts, and to all your feelings.  Expand your capcity to feel your full spectrum of emotions, i.e. the rainbow of Life :).

- Develop your own individual, daily practice that supports your life and is accessed with ease.

- A renewed appreciation of life and nature.

- Enjoy an authentic, summer holiday in majestic nature while having done something really good for your life and all those around you.

- Learn tools and practices to foster a more loving relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

Included in your stay:

* 4 Morning Breathwork sessions

* 5 late afternoon gentle Yoga Classes

* 1 Mandala breathwork session

* 6 Nights accommodation

* 6 morning fruit & nut platters with coffee & tea - available all day long

* 6 bountiful brunches from our gifted chef

* 6 evening dinners from our gifted chef

* 2 Singing circles around the fire (or more if the group desires)

* 1 Ecstatic dance  (or more if the group desires)

* 1 Nature hike & qi gong session beside a flowing river

* 5 Group discussions and workshops: Breathwork integration and non violent communication

* Free Wifi (though we recommend to take a break from it...)

* Tea, water and fresh, organic fruits available all day

* Quiet setting surrounded by nature to relax and enjoy the summer :)

Daily Schedule (see below):

*Note: The morning practice is a Breathwork session with Giulia.

Timothy Patey

To support more  loving relationships for humankind with itself and with Nature, Timothy guides personal processes towards increasing compassion towards the self and towards others. This mission is inspired by a decade-long journey from a career as a scientist within the Swiss system, to a yogi and co-founder of a nature retreat in the Umbrian forests of Italy. Timothy's journey was driven by Joseph Campbell's maxim, "Follow your bliss", which manifested in one creative project after another, including the founding of conscious dance festivals, co-authoring an artbook on the beauty of human needs, "What is Alive in You?", and the foundation of the Tara Nature Retreat with his life partner, Caroline Willebois.

Timothy's dive into Yoga began over 20 years ago on a journey to Rishikesh, India, in 2002. He has over 500 hours in certified, yoga teacher's training programs, and is an advanced practitioner of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra. Parallel to his career as a renewable energy scientist, he guided yoga classes at studios and institutions throughout Swityerland. He is also deeply inspired by Buddhist meditation practices and shamanic traditions of the Amazon. Timothy integrates psychology, non violent communication, and buddhist philosophy into his guidance, coupled with his intuition and sense of personal truth. His guidance aims for improved understanding of our inner experiences, our habitual interactions with all around us, and with building the grit and volition necessary to change. He is an independent scientist with a PhD in the natural sciences.  He is a former university lecturer, and has guided Non Violent Communication workshops within Industry, Academia, and at festivals. He is inspired by the art of storytelling and enjoying the guitar around the fire in shared song within circles.

Giulia Vaccari

Giulia is a senior breathwork teacher and  an embodiment enthusiast and practitioner. Her passion lies in helping people feel alive, safe and free in the body. She uses breathwork, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and movement to support regulation of the nervous system, and reconnect with our inherent source of health, and vitality.  Based in London and with italian roots, Giulia loves sharing the power of the breath in her motherland. Giulia’s mission is to empower people to self-regulate and cultivate resilience towards a fuller life. At the heart of her purpose is the willingness to contribute to a world where there is more connection, more freedom, more truth and more love.  More on her offerings at

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What a Day Looks Like

Wake up to the sound of birds and stillness, enjoy a cup of tea before walking to the outdoor yoga deck surrounded by oak forest. Take a deep breath and relax...


7:30 Morning Yoga


9:00 Nourishing Breakfast


10:30 Workshop or Excursion

Zuccini Pasta_edited.jpg

13:00 Delicious Lunch

Tara Nature Retreat Yoga Shala.JPG

14:00 - 17:00 Free Time

Enjoy a siesta, relax by the pool, reflect in the garden.

*For the 200hr Teacher Training there will be an afternoon session from 15:30-17:00

17:30 Evening Yin Yoga


19:00 Wholesome Dinner & Dessert!


20:00 Evening Activity

Some days there may be an evening activity such as Yoga Nidra or a Fire Ritual.

new year blessing.png

Deep Sleep & Sweet Dreams

Rooms & Prices


Shared Room
1.175 EUR

Shared Room in the Guesthouse, with twin beds in a spacious room and a shared bathroom.

Our Shared Rooms are:

Moon, Water, Earth & Spirit


Private Room
1.675 EUR

Private Room in the Guesthouse, with double bed in a cozy room and a shared bathroom.

Our Private Rooms are:

Sun, Air & Fire


Private Glamping
75 EUR

Outdoor clamping in our spacious garden, with mattress and a shared bathroom in the guesthouse. Our Glamping Options are: African Tent or

Bring your own tent

*Only available from June -Sept.

Guest Experiences


"I visited this magical place with my partner and it's exactly as expected, and more. A true nature retreat where the stillness and beauty of the natural environment can be felt and seen. If you're looking for a place to rediscover the connection with mother earth and yourself then this is a perfect choice. Caroline and Tim are some of the kindest, most knowledgeable hosts and I would highly recommend visiting them for a retreat. There's yoga, wholesome nutrition, mindfulness practice, joyful togetherness, peaceful sunrises. Exactly what we all need to recharge!"

— Jade


"Tara Nature Retreat is an exceptional retreat center located in a serene and quiet area, surrounded by the beauty of nature. From the moment I arrived, the warm and kind-hearted people welcomed me, creating a sense of belonging. The picturesque setting, with lush greenery and vibrant flora, provided a tranquil ambiance for yoga sessions. The skilled instructors guided us through practices suitable for all levels, fostering growth and self-discovery. This is a sanctuary for those seeking a nature-filled escape with loving people and enriching experiences. My time here left me rejuvenated and grateful, and I'm eager to return soon."

— Tommy

Photos & Impressions

About the Teachers & Founders



Travelling the world, Caroline discovered yoga at 19 and continued with a dedicated personal practice that gave her a sense of stability in all her movement. Recognising the powerful transformation that happens during a retreat, she has spent the past five years hosting her own yoga retreats and immersions in Italy and Bali. As a certified 500hr Elemental Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist, passionate foodie and holistic health coach she has found her soul work in creating healing retreats, offering one-on-one coaching sessions and writing.  She has written two books: This is for You and Nature's Calling. With a new cookbook just out! Growing up in East Africa, Caroline was raised with a deep respect for Mother Nature and has deepened this connection through her travels, way of life and, now, the manifestation of Tara Nature Retreat. Her favorite colour is green, she loves mangoes and singing Disney songs.



Timothy's journey to personal transformation began with a wander through India in 2003. This was the pivot point for years of training in the yogic, shamanic, and buddhist traditions. He has completed over 500hr Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra certified trainings, and is a passionate educator in both yoga and in the natural sciences at the university of his PhD. Timothy integrates psychology, non violent communication, and buddhist philosophy into his guidance, coupled with his intuition and sense of personal truth. His guidance aims for improved understanding of our inner experiences, our habitual interactions all around us, and with building the grit and volition necessary to bring about personal transformation within this lifetime. Timothy's favourite colour is blue, enjoys ecstatic dance, chess, good food, philosophical conversations and his heart warms when guiding singing circles around a campfire.

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