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About Us

About Tara Nature Retreat

Welcome and thank you for connecting with us!

We are Caroline and Timothy, life partners and co-creators of Tara Nature Retreat. We are dedicated to re-building a world of kindness, clarity, and sustainability, and believe this path begins with changing the personal, inner dialogue we all have within ourselves.


We believe in walking our talk and sharing authentically from the heart.  We believe real transformation begins with acting upon a vision for a better world, and the founding and caretaking of Tara Nature Retreat is us living our values.

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Caroline Willebois

Travelling the world, Caroline discovered yoga at 19 and continued with a dedicated personal practice that gave her a sense of stability in all her movement. Recognising the powerful transformation that happens during a retreat, she has spent the past five years hosting her own yoga retreats and immersions in Italy and Bali. As a certified 500hr Elemental Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist, passionate foodie and holistic health coach she has found her soul work in creating healing retreats, offering one-on-one coaching sessions and writing.  She has written two books: This is for You and Nature's Calling. With a new cookbook on the way! Growing up in East Africa, Caroline was raised with a deep respect for Mother Nature and has deepened this connection through her travels, way of life and, now, the manifestation of Tara Nature Retreat. Her favorite colour is green, she loves mangoes and singing Disney songs.

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Caroline Willebois Yoga Retreat Italy Tara Nature Retreat

Timothy Patey

Timothy's journey to personal transformation began with a wander through India in 2003. This was the pivot point for years of training in the yogic, shamanic, and buddhist traditions. He has completed over 500hr Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra certified trainings, and is a passionate educator in both yoga and in the natural sciences at the university of his PhD. Timothy integrates psychology, non violent communication, and buddhist philosophy into his guidance, coupled with his intuition and sense of personal truth. His guidance and writings aim for improved understanding of our inner experiences, our habitual interactions all around us, and with building the grit and volition necessary to bring about personal transformation within this lifetime. Timothy loves ecstatic dance, chess, good food, philosophical conversations and his heart warms when guiding singing circles around a campfire.

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Timothy Tara Nature Retreat

Rahel Nikzad

Since she was a child Rahel was closely connected to nature, spending her vacations and almost every free moment as a scout in the mountains, forests and lakes of Switzerland. At the age of 21, she started traveling the world on her own and found yoga as a life philosophy. She discovered Elemental Yoga in 2014 and two years later, she completed a month long 200-hour teacher training in Bali. It was there that Rahel and Caroline met and a friendship for life began. After Bali, Rahel taught in various yoga studios in Zurich and later founded her own label  Matoaka Yoga. For students and guests alike she creates spaces where they can relax, recharge, connect with nature and learn to find balance in their everyday life. Rahel has joined the Tara team since 2023 and puts her heart and soul into taking care of the guests. 

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Support Team

Each retreat is supported by karma yogis and volunteers who help behind the scenes to keep the retreat flowing with ease. This includes helping in the kitchen, caring for the garden and general assistance with retreat activities. Without this support our retreats would not be possible, extending deep gratitude to the beautiful souls who join our team in this supporting role!


We are always open for dedicated, hard working souls willing to join our support team and Tara Tribe! In particular we are looking for passionate gardeners, foodies/kitchen hands and marketing/social media gurus. 

Image by Alana Harris

Our Vision 

To create a safe space and nature reserve where people can connect to Mother Earth, breathe deep and come back to their centre. Tara Nature Retreat is a home. A home for us, Caroline & Timothy, where we share our natural gifts and help this planet transition to a sustainable lifestyle – in spirit, mind, and body. And it is a home for guests, for you perhaps. A place where all can breathe a sigh of relief, drop your shield, and return to your true nature. A place to come back home to yourself and the teachings of Mother Nature, returning to the simplicity and joys of Life.

Our Approach

Come back to Nature

At Tara we are surrounded by green, inviting you back into a natural state. To live with the cycles of Mother Earth, to breathe fresh air and eat organic, seasonal foods. And to give you an even deeper experience of nature, we offer Elemental Retreats that flow with the Five Elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit. This is a place to honor the sacredness of Nature and come back to your most natural Self!

Treat your Mind & Body

With a combination of yoga poses, restorative stretches, nature walks, swimming in the pool, deep relaxation, optional massage and delicious meals every cell in your body will feel nurtured and nourished. Our goal is to bring your body- muscles, fascia, digestion, nervous system and hormones- back into a natural state of feeling relaxed, balanced and healthy.

Reconnect to your Self

A sanctuary is a sacred place; a place of safety, a safe haven. We envision Tara Nature Retreat to be just that. A safe, sacred place where you can reconnect with your heart and spirit. Designed with plenty of cozy spots to find stillness and moments of reflection. Each retreat offers the opportunity to step out of your everyday life and tune into yourSelf. Be present and listen...

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